The C.R.I.B.B. Fellowship begins each January at the National African American MSM Leadership Conference on Health Disparities and Social Justice where participants must attend specific workshops and institutes on leadership and professional development. These workshops and institutes include but not limited to the following topics:
• Basic HIV/AIDS information
• Understanding epidemiology, social behavior and determinants of health
• Leadership styles and characteristics
• Orientation for HIV prevention community assessment
• Project development (HIV/AIDS awareness and/or education; social justice issues and research)
• HIV/AIDS as a social justice issue
• Policy and Advocacy
• Trauma and Stigma Among Black Gay and Bisexual Men
• Stigma 101
• Navigating Healthcare Systems as a Black Gay Man
• Supporting Health Literacy
• Decreasing Healthcare Stigma & Medical Mistrust
• The Culturally Humble Client Experience Contributor
• Black, Gay, Church and My Mental Health
• Emotional Intelligence: a deeper look
• Emotional Intelligence exercise
• Healthy Communication in Casual and Romantic Relationships
• Can We Chill? Identifying and Establishing Boundaries In Relationships
• How Will I Know? Interpersonal Disclosures
• Substances, Socializing, Sex and Consent
• Healthy Sexuality After a Positive Diagnosis: My Relationship with Self
• Healthy Sexuality After a Positive Diagnosis: My Relationship with Others

Also, during this conference, participants will take part in various activities that promote healthy living, cultural enrichment, community awareness, and fellowship. From historical tours to street/community outreach, C.R.I.B.B. Fellows are exposed to unparallel dimensions of the community to help broaden their own perspectives of leadership.

Moreover, when financial resources are available and based on an open process for all participants, one or two members of your class may be selected to attend a national or international HIV/AIDS-related conference, such as the United States Conference on AIDS or the International AIDS Conference. This type of conference exposure will enlighten your understanding of current topic and advances in the field of HIV/AIDS services from a worldwide viewpoint. If you are selected to participated in one of these conferences, you will be expected to share with your C.R.I.B.B. colleagues the knowledge, information, and tools that you gained.

Finally, each fellow is responsible for conceptualizing a project that will demonstrate your leadership abilities in service to your community that focuses on prevention, education, service delivery, research and/or social justice issues as they relate to HIV/AIDS or other health disparities.

You will be assigned a faculty mentor who is a leader in one or more of the focus areas. The faculty mentor will provide you with technical assistance and guidance in order to support you to successfully complete and achieve your project aims. You will present your completed project during the 2023 National African American MSM Leadership Conference on Health Disparities and Social Justice.